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MAY 21, 2007
So much to cover... and yet, so tired... Wow, I've kind of been on a world tour, if New York and LA are "the world." And they so are. First of all, thanks to everybody who came out to Bootie NYC on Fri. 5/18, and Spin Doctors in LA on Sat. 5/19. Photos of the former are up here (big ups to Reset and Lobsterdust for joining in the fun), but I was pretty jet lagged in LA and forgot my camera so there's no record of Spin Doctors I'm afraid. Did it even happen?

Moving on... to Ireland! Thanks to everyone who has written in to let me know where they've heard "Every Car You Chase." Here's a wrapup of where it's apparently been played so far:

2fm - Ireland National
Okay we've already covered how it's been on this station and how I stumbled my way through interviews with Gerry Ryan and Rick O'Shea. Love you guys... but...
Q102 - Dublin
Ray Shah writes from The Big Saturday Show on Q102/Dublin to say he was the first one to play it. Erp! Party Ben does not endorse any radio station but just provides you with information so you can make up your own minds. Party Ben: Fair and Balanced
FM104 - Dublin
People are saying they're hearing it on this station quite a bit. It's on the FM dial!

Today FM - Dublin
Now that's a lovely, uplifting logo, isn't it. Takes your mind of the Troubles

Red FM - Cork
Hey, apparently making inroads all over the island, not just Dublin! Now to conquer the other colors. Is there a Mauve FM, because I think I'd fit right in
98 FM - Dublin
Back to Dublin -- whew, I was getting a little freaked out, stuck out there in the boonies
Radio Donna - Belgium
Wait, Belgium's not in Ireland. What the hell is going on? And could their logo be any gayer? Is it okay to say that if I'm actually gay?
Q94 - Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Again with the Canucks, with their flappy heads and beady eyes. How many times do I have to tell you: keep playing my tracks, sure, but I was just using you for the free health care and marriage rights
WXRT - Chicago, Illinois, United States of Parrrrty
That's right, even a legitimate station playing quality rock like XRT has apparently jumped on the Snow Police bandwagon (although that may just be due to the lobbying efforts of my buddy Jason)

Anyway, all of us here at Party Ben Information Systems still get excited when we find out a Party Ben track has received airplay somewhere in the world, but generally we have no idea when it's happening, so please continue to write in and let us know.

Back in Canada, there's somebody else whose attention is starting to make me really uncomfortable, and that's John Sakamoto of the Toronto Star. He put my new treatment of the good old Lyrics Born a capella with "Pick Up the Pieces" at #3 on his esteemed Anti-Hit List this week, although I have to say I haven't heard of anybody else on that whole list. And yes that includes Sinead O'Connor.

And finally, a bit of an embarassment: the dippy combo I posted two weeks ago of Simian Mobile Disco and Technotronic had apparently been done first (and better) by the brilliant Dunproofin', a UK producer whose work I've always admired. It's actually kind of surprising this hasn't happened more often (what with me making a career out of slapping together pretty obvious tracks) but I still feel like a dweeb since I should be paying closer attention to what other people are doing. Sorry DP. So anyway go visit his site and grab his stuff (like this or this) if you want to hear what a real bootlegger sounds like.




The Police vs. Snow Patrol
"Every Car You Chase"
6mb 192kbps mp3

Chemical Brothers vs. John Williams
"Galvanize the Empire"
5mb 192kbps mp3

Gorillaz v No Doubt v Deep Purple

"Hella Dare You to Smoke"
6MB 192kbps mp3

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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Featuring Adrian & Mysterious D, Dada, Smashup Derby, and myself. Upstairs: 80s mashup room with DJ Tripp, Earworm and David X. Formal pirate wear (?) encouraged!

9pm til late - $12 - 2 for 1 before 10:30pm - 21+
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