SEPTEMBER 28, 2009
DJ HeroFunny, I always imagined I'd end up in "DJ Villain."
Yes, thank you multiple e-mailers for notifying me of this interesting bit of news: the highly-anticipated DJ Hero video game appears to include a sort-of variant of an early mashup made by me. That would be Daft Punk vs. Queen "Another One Bites Da Funk." There were some amusingly-headlined stories that hit the press about this, including this one, "Daft Punk Assembling 11 Unique Mixes for DJ Hero," which is funny because of the "unique" part, see. The only actual evidence of it I've seen is this video of the game's internal tutorials:

That does look kind of cool, although I'm generally not really into video games, and at this point it seems a little weird to buy a video game about DJing when you could basically spend the same amount of money and get an actual DJ setup. But whatever, I'm old, I don't understand you kids and your Sega Xboxes and your Apple Zunes and your TwitterSpaces and your Jonas Sisters. And get off my lawn!

E-mails to the Party Ben headquarters about this have taken one of two extreme sides, saying either "Dude your track's in DJ Hero congrats you must be rich," or "Dude Daft Punk stole your mashup you should sue!!1!1!"... In truth, I'm not affiliated or connected with the game in any way so I have no idea how it happened; as far as I know, Monsieurs de Homem Christo et Bangaltier came up with the idea independently, although that would be, like, "quelle coincidence." But even if they were "inspired" by my track, well, that's basically awesome, I mean, how much do I love Daft Punk? And how often have I been, er, "inspired" by them? At least once. Anyway, in all seriousness, if my 6-year-old mashup with the chipmunky Queen vocals had anything to do with this, I'm honored, and Daft Punk, I salute you.

Anyhoo, in celebration of its (possibly maybe) inspiring something that's included in DJ Hero, let's remaster the thing and re-release it in sparkly 320 with a brand new cover, why not?

Daft Queen

Daft Punk vs. Queen - Another One Bites Da Funk (2009 Redo)

Right-click to download:
10MB 320kbps mp3

Click to play:

Seriously, I was but a baby when I made this. Actually, it was probably 2003, since a quick intertubes search finds it starting to show up in the Sixx Mixx in early 2004. Who knows. I mean, I wasn't paying much attention, and I'm paying even less now.

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Party Ben MailbagFun times. Speaking of e-mails, you know what we haven't done in a while? The Party Ben Mailbag! Hooray! Let's open up the internet box and see what fascinating real, actual e-mails have arrived in the basement of Party Ben Headquarters, been sorted into categories by a team of scientists, and forwarded via a complicated series of tubes to Party Ben Information Systems department heads for immediate* replies.

I am a young French man of Polish origin and I am trying to make personalized stamps. The French post me requesting permission to use the logo POLSKA BOYZ that I have a little change in color. if you want I will send you mail a photo of POLSKA BOYZ logo that I retouched and I therefore request formal permission to use the logo POLSKA BOYZ for my personal stamp.
thank you for quick answer
-Best regards, Davyd

Wait, "Davyd"? Do you mean "Daffyd"? Are you the only gay in the village? Well, either way, if I had any idea what "personalized stamps" were I might try to stop you, but I don't, so I can't. Are they something to do with a video game?

Point of Viewlooking for song "pont of View"..can't remember who it is by but chorus is "another point of view"..can't get it on Itunes? how do i download on to an ipod?

Here at Party Ben Information Systems, we understand you have many questions which do not involve Party Ben in any way, such as "How do I use the internet," "What is that one song that goes like this," "How do I do stuff with my personal electronic devices," and "Are we alone in the universe." Of course, as a part of the internet, we are happy to provide answers. You're thinking of DB Boulevard's "Point of View," which, oddly enough, is not available on iTunes. And yes, we are totally alone in the universe.

Love MuffinPlease for the love of God STOP RUINING GOOD MUSIC! thanks!
-Kelly (lover.muffin@****.com)

Sweet lover muffin! Why did things have to go so wrong between us? Here we are, alone in the universe, and yet all we can do is fight. I tried to be as good a lover muffin to you as I knew how, but maybe two muffins is one too many muffins. Were you looking for a scone? A Danish? A (shudder) bear claw? Whatever it is, I hope you found it, and I hope you're happy.

You SuckParty Ben Sucks! (NOT!) Actually, I think many of your mixes and mash-ups are brilliant. Sorry I just wanted to get your attention. I just think your obvious self-depreciation is funny. Such as stating that your name is "terrible" and "there's nothing he can do about it."  But I was thinking you can change it but still keep it kind of, while still incorporating your trade-mark self-deprecating style.  Party Ben Sucks or Party Ben Sux.  Whichever; then PBS for short. 

That's not a bad idea, I'm all about artist names that actually seem to describe what's happening, like "Simian Mobile Disco" or, um, "Tila Tequila." While I'm at it I should probably try to add the word "Lazer" in there, just to be extra cool, and maybe a reference to a fictional band from an 80s TV show. How does "Party Lazer Ben Sucks Silver Platters" sound?

...intrigued to hear your version of 'Satisfaction Skank' - Jody, UK
Is it possible to get a re-post of 'Satisfaction Skank'? - King Al
is there anyway i could download the satisfaction skank - Darren

Okay, okay, stop bothering me! If I update my download page with the link and give you a direct link right below this sentence, will you leave me in peace to work on my new DJ name?

  • Fatboy Slim vs. Rolling Stones & Other Stuff - Satisfaction Skank (Party Ben's version, 1998)
    5MB 192kbps mp3

Okay, Thanks for writing! Do you have a question that needs answering, an issue that must be respolved, a problem with no solution, or a general feeling of emptiness? Go ahead and write an e-mail to Party Ben Information Systems, where Caring is Just the Way We Like to Think About Stuff (TM).

*Please allow 6-12 weeks for reply.



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