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  Snow Police


The Police vs. Snow Patrol
"Every Car You Chase (The Snow Police)"

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10MB 320kbps mp3

Back in '07, I couldn't decide which was a better name, "Snow Police" or "Every Car You Chase," so I used both. The original version of this mashup uses only the publicly available single versions of both songs (no acapellas, just careful editing). Listen to it below, or download above.

In 2011, when Sony Pictures came calling, I put together a new better-sounding semi-officially-sanctioned version using the full original stems of both songs for the film "Just Go With It," but unfortunately (?) it can only be heard in the movie and I can't make it available for download, although I have posted it for streaming only on Soundcloud:


Single Ladies in Mayberry

  Beyonce vs. the Andy Griffith Theme
"Single Ladies (In Mayberry)"

Right-click to download:
6MB 256kbps mp3

A ridiculous combo that got a smidgen of laughs when I put together in late 2008 and then had another middling spurt of interest in late '09/early '10. Looking forward to the 2014 revival. Cory Doctorow of Boing Boing called it his all-time favorite mashup as well as "gloriously stupid," which is probably the kindest possible description of my work.

  Boulevard 1

  Green Day vs. Oasis vs. Travis vs. Eminem
"Boulevard of Broken Songs" (Version 1 Remaster) (2004)

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9MB 256kbps mp3

I made the first version of "Boulevard" as the finale of my LIVE 105 Sixx Mixx show on October 1st, 2004. I wanted to use Aerosmith's "Dream On" for the end, but was finishing it just minutes before the show's 6:00pm air time, and that song wasn't in the studio or on iTunes at the time (this was back before you could just download anything whenever, kids). But I suddenly remembered Eminem's "Sing (For the Moment)" sampled "Dream On," and that was in the studio, so I used that instead. My original intention was to use Aerosmith, though, so I eventually made the version below...
  Boulevard 2

  Green Day vs. Oasis vs. Travis vs. Aerosmith
"Boulevard of Broken Songs" (Version 2 Remaster) (2005?)

Right-click to download:
9MB 256kbps mp3

This is the second version, but I prefer it, since it's what I wanted to make in the first place. Its first appearance was on Best Mashups in the World Ever are from San Francisco but I can't remember exactly when I made it, I'm pretty sure it must have been 2005. Bit of trivia, this actually uses two versions of "Dream On," the original album version and a live performance with the supremely hokey extend-o ending followed by stadium cheers. Over the year's I've made three or four remixes of it attempting to cheekily capitalize on its status as my "hit" (see below and the Soundcloud box above).
  Galvanize the Empire


Chemical Brothers vs. John Williams
"Galvanize the Empire" (2007)

Right-click to download:
Original Version: 5MB 192 kbps mp3

Slightly Shorter/Newer Edit: 8MB 320 kbps mp3
Galvanize the Ghetto Rerub: 11MB 320 kbps mp3

I'd been playing Z-Trip's "Empire Strikes Back" mix out and about, so that sort of inspired this. It of course took me a few months to realize the "Empire" theme was in the same key as "Galvanize," which is sad because "Galvanize" came out right around the same time as Episode III and I could totally have syngergized this mix into cross-promotional pop-cultural dominance if I hadn't been a year late.
  So the list below is incomplete both due to my own neglect and the nature of my work. I've made tons of DJ edits, special mixes for radio shows, prototype minute-long mashups that got one or two spins in the Sixx Mixx, etc., so it's hard to really quantify how many mashups or remixes I've made over the years. And of course, on my radio shows and in my DJ sets I've featured many other producers' tracks, which are incorrectly attributed to me now and then around the internets.

So if there's something you're looking for that you can't find, you're always welcome to get in touch at and ask me about it, and I'll do my best to help.

For radio shows like House Nation and Subsonic, live DJ sets, promo mixes, etc., please go to the Mixes page. And of course the Sixx Mixxes are over on the Sixx Mixx Remasters page.

  Set Fire to True Faith   New Order vs. Adele
"Set Fire to True Faith"

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11MB 320kbps mp3

  Party Ben


Rihanna vs. John Cougar
"What's My Name, Jack"

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10MB 320kbps mp3

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  Party Ben

  Duck Sauce vs. Michael Jackson
"Beat Sauce" (Version 2)

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9MB 320kbps mp3

  Party Ben

Mediafire Link

Cali Swag District - Teach Me How to Dougie (Party Ben's Teach Me How to Be More Like Bart B More Remix)
Felguk vs. Katy Perry - California Clever
Madonna - Hung Up (Party Ben's Jacked Up Remix)
Duck Sauce vs. Michael Jackson - Beat Sauce (VERSION 1)
Steve Angello vs. Pitbull - KNAS / Go Girl
Far East Movement - Like a G6 (Party Ben's G7 Summit Remix)
Mike Posner - Cooler Than Me (Everybody's Cooler than Party Ben Remix)
  Party Ben

  Nancy Sinatra vs. Janelle Monáe
"This Tightrope's Made for Walkin'"

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9MB 320kbps mp3

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  Boogie Tikkie Tokkie

  A Taste of Honey vs. Ke$ha
"Boogie Tikkie Tokkie"

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12MB 320kbps mp3


  Green Day vs. Oasis vs. Tonka/Black Noise
"Boulevard of Broken Songs (2010 Remix)"

Right-click to download:
12MB 320kbps mp3


Simian Mobile Disco vs. Rufus & Chaka Khan
"Nobody's Intentions

Right-click to download:
10MB 320kbps mp3


  Daft Queen

  Daft Punk vs. Queen
"Another One Bites Da Funk" (2009 Redo)

Right-click to download:
10MB 320kbps mp3

I made the first version of this for the Sixx Mixx in early 2004. I think. Who knows. I mean, I wasn't paying much attention. But anyway, the combination showed up in a video game (thanks for asking me, by the way, DJ Hero), and so I thought I'd cash in on its notoriety by remastering it and making a cute new cover. And when I say "cash in," I mean, not get any cash.
  Machine Gun Shelter


Commodores vs. Rolling Stones
"Machine Gun Shelter"

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9MB 256kbps mp3


  Yppah vs. Stevie Wonder
"Uptight Gumball"

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8MB 320kbps mp3
  Laktos Scientist


Coldplay vs. Sebastian Ingrosso
"Laktos Scientist"

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13MB 256kbps mp3

I'd been hearing "Laktos" around and I was like, "huh, those happy little chords sound familiar." So, slap a vocal and some echo over the top and you got yourself a jam.

  Party Time

  MSTRKRFT (Bloody Beetroots remix) vs. Class Action
"(All I Do Is) Party Time"

Right-click to download:
8MB 256kbps mp3

I mean, seriously. Both these songs are about the party! And that's my name!


  Bat for Lashes

  Bat for Lashes vs. Shawn Christopher / Egostereo
"Another Sleepless Night Alone"

Right-click to download:
12MB 256kbps mp3

How great is Bat for Lashes' album, Two Suns? Maybe I'm a total girl (maybe!) but I really identified, lyrically, with "What's a Girl to Do," and Natasha's really hit the nail on the head again with "Sleep Alone." Sigh. But more than anything, the song's hypnotic rhythm cries out for a trance-y remix. Of course I'm too lazy to go and make my own beats, so I just go looking for something in the same key, and I remember Egostereo's chilly remix of the Shawn Christopher classic "Another Sleepless Night," which turns out to also have a nice lyrical similarity as well. Bonus.


  Poker Face

  The Cars vs. Lady Gaga
"Poker Face (Just What I Needed)"

Right-click to download:
6MB 256kbps mp3

And the award for "laziest mashup title" goes to... Well, damn, you try and think of a better one. "Just What I Poked"? Anyway, I'd been wanting to make something out of this classic Cars track for a while, but there's no instrumental, so I kind of had to build one.

  Evelyn "Chapagne" King vs. Kid Cudi
"Shame (At Nite)"

Right-click to download:
8MB 256kbps mp3

And the award for "laziest mashup" goes to... Okay, not like there's anything wrong with the Crookers mix, but sometimes you don't necessarily have a peak-time dancefloor ready for such a banging megajam, right? This doesn't really go anywhere, but it's, you know, pleasant enough.
  Live Your Life Punk

  Vampire Weekend vs. T.I. & Rihanna
"Live Your Life Punk"

Right-click to download:
5.5MB 256kbps mp3

Mostly this little numb
er is thanks to Kristi since I was planning a Bootie video set and fretting about not having any hipster tunes, and she said hey, what about that Vampire Weekend band, and I was like, okay. I keep thinking I should do like a 7-minute jump-up jungle version of this, but I guess I'll add that to the to-do list.
  Boulevard of Flashing Lights

  Kanye West vs. Green Day vs. Oasis
"Boulevard of Flashing Lights

Right-click to download:
8MB 256kbps mp3

I hope people understand that there's a bit of self-mockery going on here, in the sense that it's amusing to me that one would take one's "hit" and then beat it to death with cheesy remixes, in, as I've said before, as good a sign as any of being on the back side of one's career arc. Did I just take away the funny by over-explaining it? Damn, that happens to me a lot. Anyhoo, isn't that Kanye song awesome? Isn't Kanye awesome? I seem to be mucking about with that guy's stuff a lot lately, but I promise I've totally liked him since a way long time ago.
  We Will Jump You

  Queen vs. House of Pain vs. Go Home Productions
"We Will Jump You"

3MB 128kbps mp3

Darr. I never really wanted to release this, since it's super lazy and sloppy and I totally admit it was just something I made so I could play "Jump Around" at Bootie. But people like House of Pain and Queen and junk, so here you go.

Fan-made cover art!
  My Reckoner


Justin Timberlake vs. Radiohead
"(All I Want You to Do is Be) My Reckoner"

Original mix:
7MB 256kbps mp3
12MB 256kbps mp3

So I hear "My Love" out and about, and I realize, "holy crap, this is Reckoner, complete with falsetto croonery." Then I waste a few days putting it together, and then I realize the Oakenfold mix is actually really good and deserves its own version. Fun.


  Shut Up In Herre

  Ting Tings vs. Nelly
"Shut Up In Herre"

7MB 256kbps mp3

A cheesy little number I've been playing around the nightclubs, and now you can put it on your Zunes.

  Let There Be Love

  Justice vs. Kanye West
"Let There Be Love"

Download: 8MB 256kbps mp3

Justice vs. Kanye West vs. Soulwax
"Let There Be Love / Beethoven Lockdown"

Download: 10MB 256kbps mp3

Started off with a plain old Justice / Kanye mashup, and then as a special remix specifically for an all-video DJ set, added in what is (apparently?) the stuttery Soulwax re-edit of Beethoven's 5th in a bit of a cheeky reference to A+D's smash hit mixing Beethoven and Kanye a few years back.


"Paper Planes" (Party Ben's Fly Like High Like Remix)

11MB 256kbps mp3

This is pretty straightforward: get in at dance tempo, slow down for some MIA, speed back up to dance tempo, crowd goes wild or maybe just goes to get a drink. It uses the Jeff T remix of Felipe Avelar's Electric Boogaloo for the beats.


Fake Blood vs. Purple Ribbon All-Stars
"On Mars All Night"

7MB 256kbps mp3

Super dull blend using my favorite neo-rave track of 2008.

  Lil Wayne - "Lollipop" (Party Ben remix)
12MB 256kbps mp3

Lil Wayne - "Lollipop" (PB vs. Mowgli mix)
9MB 256kbps mp3

I tried this two different ways: first up, doing my own bassline-style version (pilfering beats from the Twocker remix of 187 Lockdown's "Gunman"), and second, doing a slightly more mellow mix that uses the funky backing track from Mowgli's mix of In the Club's "Turn You On."
  Led Snooppelin

  Led Snooppelin - "Drop It Like It's a Whole Lotta Love" (2008 Remix)

7MB 320kbps mp3

Led Snooppelin was an attempt back in 2004 to try and put something together that wasn't entirely 80s-dependent like the rest of my work. I never really liked the way it turned out, but despite its obvious production flaws, it got some attention, basically because of the source material (the same way a lot of otherwise dull rap/rock mashup hybrids did back then). So, for my January 2008 video showcase set at Bootie, I figured it might be time to rework the thing. It's a little faster now.
  Smells Stronger

  Daft Punk vs. Nirvana
"Smells Stronger"


Two songs that were already overused to the millionth degree in mashuppery and remixery by the time I put them together, but this was part of my Daft Punk-inspired 2008 video DJ set at Bootie so I thought it was funny.


Justice vs. Dead or Alive
"D.A.N.C.E. (Like a Record)"

6MB 192kbps mp3

Honestly this was inspired by DJ Zebra who, when we were on tour together in '07, would end his sets with this MSTRKRFT mix of "D.A.N.C.E.," which I really liked. So I was like, "what goes with that? Pete Burns goes with that." Silly, and I probably worked harder on the cover than the actual mashup.

  Plastilina Mosh vs. M.I.A.
"Millionaire Galang"
7MB 192kbps mp3

Hey, Party Ben goes to Mexico! As you can tell I always like to make some sort of locally-influenced mashup whenever I've got a DJ gig in a new place, so for a few gigs in Mexico I made this simple little ditty. In a totally weird coincidence, I ended up meeting the P-Mosh guys in Monterrey. They were nice.
  Cant Stop Callin Out   Can't Stop Callin' Out: The Complete Party Ben vs. Lyrics Born Experience
Mediafire link includes all 5 tracks

1. U2 vs. Lyrics Born - "Callin' on Sunday" (Original mix) mp3
The original 2004 mashup that ended up being one of my biggest LIVE 105 hits, interesting since I at first considered it a copout cousin to my Janet Jackson/U2 combo (see below).

2. U2 vs. Lyrics Born - "Callin' on Sunday" (2005 Remix)
This is the remix I put together specifically for a LIVE 105 BFD DJ set where Lyrics Born himself was playing -- that set in fact consisted entirely of mashups & remixes of other artists on the bill, which was a good idea in theory but made for a bit of a wonky set. Anyway this uses the good old Blondie beat for pumping up ze dancefloor.

3. Average White Band vs. Lyrics Born - "Callin' Up the Pieces" mp3
The whole point of this was to have something surprising for my Bootie headlining set in January 2007, since everybody was sick of the U2 one at this point.

4. Average White Band vs. Lyrics Born - "Callin' Up the Pieces" (Baltimore Remix) mp3
I was just going to do a B-more style mix of Lyrics Born but then I couldn't help but put some of "Pick Up the Pieces" in it.

Bonus Track: SebastiAn vs. Lyrics Born - "Callin' Ross"
This is just me being stoopid: using SebastiAn's thumpy "Ross Ross Ross", this mix doesn't really go anywhere but is kind of amusing in a glitchy kind of way.

Low Addict

  Plump DJs vs. Flo Rida
"Low Addict"

9MB 192kbps mp3

I've always been a fan of Plump DJs, and in fact, some of my first forays into the nightclub scene in San Francisco were in the Nu Skool Breaks scene. Those were the days. Anyway this is a little throwaway thing.

  Tepr vs. Shannon
"Minuit Music"

8MB 192kbps mp3

This one takes the datA remix of Tepr's "Minuit Jacuzzi," a track that already seemed to reference '80s freestyle, and makes that a little more obvious. I actually had to completely reconstruct the Tepr track to make this happen, it sounds pretty easy but it wasn't, I promise.
  Callin Up

  Lyrica Born vs. Average White Band
"Callin' Up the Pieces" (Party Ben's Bmore Remix)

7MB 192kbps mp3

This was item number four (4) that I produced with the good old Lyrics Born a capella.
  Star Guitar


The Chemical Brothers - "Star Guitar" (Party Ben's a Big Bright Shining Star Remix)
9MB 192kbps mp3

Chemical Brothers vs. Ludacris "Star Guitar Stand Up"
9MB 192kbps mp3

A while back Electrosound asked me to take part in a bootleg tribute to the Chemical Brothers, and while I don't usually have time to contribute to these projects, I'd had an idea rolling around my head for elucidating the Baltimore sound that kind of bubbles under in "Star Guitar" for a while, so I was happy to have a deadline to whip me into shape. So, first I made the (mostly) instrumental version which I handed off to the project, and then I thought "hey this could use some Ludacris," so I threw "Stand Up" over it. Whee!

Go here to grab tracks from Block Rockin' Boots with contributions from GHP, Moule, BC, Dunproofin' and more.

  Modern Barkley

  Modern Talking vs. Gnarls Barkley
"Crazy (If You Want)"

6MB 192kbps mp3

Part of the Party Ben Gettin' Euros Tour 2007 Experience!

So in an attempt to ingratiate myself with the many nations of the EU, I tried to put together something appropriate for each location on the tour: "Polska Boys" for Poland (see below), a "Boulevard" mix with MC Solaar for France, and this ridiculous thing for Germany. Not familiar with Modern Talking? They're only the most successful pop group in German history, and it turns out "You Can Win If You Want" is basically the same exact chord pattern as "Crazy." I played it at Bootie Munich expecting a rousing ovation, but sadly, it almost killed my floor.

Polska Boyz
  Kult vs. M.I.A. vs. Gary Glitter
"Polska Boyz"

6MB 192kbps mp3

Part of the Party Ben Gettin' Euros Tour 2007 Experience!

Kult are a legendary Polish rock combo, and their song "Polska" is from 1992, so it's understandable that its refrain of "Poland, we live in Poland" is probably not without a bitter edge. Come to think of it, it may be nothing but bitter edge, with a kind of stoic pride deep inside the bitterness in that way Eastern Europeans do so well. Sure, this mashup is a slapdash affair, thrown together in desperation to have something Polish to play for crowds in Warsaw and Krakow. But I find the contrast with M.I.A.'s vocals rather amusing -- like, how many boys are in Poland -- and it also came in handy during a set in Warsaw the night the Polish soccer team made it into the finals for the first time like ever. Poland!

  Rehab   Amy Winehouse vs. Four Tops
"Rehab (Can't Help Myself)"

6MB 192kbps mp3

  Bootie Traxx   Bootie Traxx Volume 2

1. Faithless vs. Yaz vs. Steve Miller Band - "Don't Go (Insomnia Airlines)"

8MB 192kbps mp3
An early version of this (using Ce Ce Peniston's "Finally" instead of Yaz) made its first appearance during a headlining set at the club in January, 2007, but this one is a little better.

2. INXS vs. E-40 "Need U to Go"
4MB 192kbps mp3
Also made for that set but I still actually play this sometimes.

3. Junior Boys vs. Rod Stewart - "(Do Ya) Think I'm Sexy (In the Morning)"

7MB 192kbps mp3
Was never that happy with the production on this, but a few intrepid Bootie fans have inquired about it.

4. Timbaland vs. The Supremes - "The Way I Keep Me Hangin' On"
4MB 192kbps mp3

5. Le Tigre vs. D4L - "Deceptataffy"
5MB 192kbps mp3
A bit of an inside joke between me and my Bootie co-DJs A+D, who (in?)famously claimed not to like my 2005 mashup "Wipeout Taffy," so I took an instrumental backing they'd made their own, Le Tigre's "Deceptacon" (which they'd used in a well-known mashup with Missy Elliott), and taffied that shit up a bit. Anyway, guess you had to be there.

  Dreaming of Boyz

  M.I.A. vs. Kate Bush "Dreaming of Boyz"

6MB 192kbps mp3

ey, Boyz is in 6/8 time, and so is that good old Kate Bush song "The Dreaming," so why not play them at the same time.
  Killing for Love

  Jose Gonzalez vs. Cirez D
"Killing For Love (Remix)"

8MB 192kbps mp3

This is my attempt at a "remix" of the Jose Gonzalez track, "Killing For Love." This uses beats from a Cirez D electro track called "Horizons." There's actually some original Party Ben bleeps and bloops in it as well.
  tender umbrella

  Rihanna vs. General Public
"Tender Umbrella"

6mb 192kbps mp3

I was dismissive of this when I first made it in 2007, mostly because the DIY acapella I used of "Umbrella" has sound quality issues, but nobody seemed to mind. It sort of took off and eventually made it to Dave Wakeling's ears, who called it "fantastic," and later, to the ears of Adam Sandler, who chose it as the second of my mashups to be used in the 2011 film "Just Go With It." Like "Every Car," I recreated the mashup in cinema-quality sound using some officially-sanctioned stems, but also like "Every Car," this cleaned up version can only be heard in the movie (and in the Soundcloud stream I uploaded below), but I can't make it availble for download. It was actually used in many of the "Just Go With It" TV commercials starting in November of 2010; buy me a drink sometime and I'll tell you all about meeting that deadline and where I actually found a copy of the "Tenderness" remix when the record label themselves couldn't track it down in time.

Tender Umbrella - 2010 remake:



Mylo (Etienne de Crecy remix) vs. Tegan & Sara
"Walking With a Ghost in Paris (2007 Remix)"

8 MB 192 kbps mp3

I produced the original mashup of Tegan & Sara with Mylo back in 2005. Tegan liked it, Sara didn't, it got played on the radio a whole bunch. Two years later I heard this amazing remix of "Paris" done by Etienne de Crecy, and when I finally tracked that down, I redid the whole mashup using it. For better or for worse, his remix is actually pitched up from the original, which was itself already a few steps higher than Tegan & Sara, so now their voices are way up in chipmunk land, but, such is life.



Lyrics Born vs. Average White Band
"Callin' Up the Pieces"

5.3 MB 192 kbps mp3

How much can I milk "Callin' Out"? Well, since I was kind of responsible for getting the brilliant Lyrics Born's "Callin' Out" added to LIVE 105 rotation (where it eventually went to #1), I feel like I can kind of go nuts with the a capella. First there was the U2 version, then there was the U2 remix version (with the beat from Rapture Riders) and then there was this one. It's disco-riffic! Props to LB for not, you know, suing me.




Chemical Brothers vs. John Williams
"Galvanize the Empire"

5MB 192 kbps mp3



Bonde do Role vs. New Order vs. Spank Rock
"Confused Tobaco Bump"

4.9 MB 192 kbps mp3

Felt like playing "Melo do Tobaco" at Bootie and that required putting something else over the top of it right? Although of course "Melo do Tobaco" is basically a mashup of "Man in the Box" over a beat from Peaches or something with some Portuguese shouting and stuff, so who knows what's going on here.


Tom Tom Club vs. Fergie
"Genius of London"

Dirty Version:
5.8 MB 192 kbps mp3

Clean Version:
5.8 MB 192 kbps mp3

So dumb.

  Michael Jackson vs. Nelly Furtado
"Promiscuous With You"

7.9 MB 192 kbps mp3

After a few tries at marrying something to the Promiscuous a capella I finally found something that worked.

  The Wiseguys vs. Olivia Newton John & John Travolta
"Ooh La La Summer Nights"

7.6 MB 192 kbps mp3

Funny how things work out. I considered this a total joke when I made it, back in 2006 I think, but it's turned into one of the tracks I play the most to this day, and probably has gotten the crowd going more often, in more diverse locales, than just about anything else I've ever made. People love "Grease."

  Gnarls Barkley vs. Donna Summer
"I Feel Crazy"

7mb 192kbps mp3

This uses Karl G's bootleg remix as a jumping-off point and basically just layers the synth loop from Ms. Summer's legendary little number over the whole thing. I know there's like 500 "Crazy" boots out there but my excuse is this was part of a mix I did for XFM so it's not like a real mashup or anything.

  Hot Chip
"Over and Over"
(Party Ben's Smell of Repetition remix)

9mb 192kbps mp3

This is a bit of a riff on the Boyz Noise mix of Kaiser Chiefs, but it's also got "I Feel Love" in it.

  Mylo vs. Miami Sound Machine
"Conga Pressure"

6.3M 192kbps mp3

Well, this cracks me up at least. See, cause there was that other Miami Sound Machine/Mylo mashup by those Phil 'n' Dog guys that was like a mega-smash, but nobody in the US knew that Miami Sound Machine song, so this is like for Americans and stuff. Ha? Anyone?
Temperature Connection

  Elastica vs. Sean Paul "Temperature Connection"

5MB 256kbps mp3


  Gorillaz vs. No Doubt vs. Deep Purple
"Hella Dare You to Smoke"

5MB 192kbps mp3

Something silly I made for Bootie that people ended up asking about enough for me to overcome my shame and post it here. More importantly, I made this cover in the basic PC paint program at work and thought it was funny.
  Party Ben

Yeah Yeah Yeahs vs. Green Day vs. Oasis vs. Love & Rockets vs. Samantha Fox
"Golden Boulevard"

5MB 192kbps mp3

This operates first of all as sort of a dub mix of Boulevard of Broken Songs, and was really just a goofy part of a Sixx Mixx, but then I sort of liked how it all came together, so here it is.

  Veruca Salt vs. Pussycat Dolls - "Dontcha / Seether" 192kbps mp3

Switch vs. Khia vs. Laid Back - "Get Laid with Khia (2006 remix)" 192kbps mp3
A remix of one of my very first mashups, which just used Khia and Laid Back.


  John Denver
"Thank God I'm a Country Boy (Party Ben's City Boy Remix)"

5MB 192kbps mp3

Made specially for a local nightclub's totally silly Country vs. Electro theme night, but turned into one of my most requested tracks. Video version features added Snoop!

  Death Cab for Maddy
"Hung Up on Soul"
6MB 192kps mp3

"Hung Up on Soul" Minus Maddy remix:
7.8 MB 192kbps mp3

Wanted to make a Death Cab remix; got distracted by Madonna. Then made the originally intended version without any Madonna vocals. First track of mine where a fan-made video turned up.

  The Surfaris vs. D4L
"Wipeout Taffy"

5MB 160kbps mp3

Possibly the most hated mashup in Party Ben mashing-up history. It was one of the first things I released after the D-level fame of Dean Gray. Can you say, "self-sabotage"?


The White Stripes vs. Eric B & Rakim
"Pump Up the Doorbell"

9MB 320kbps mp3

There were quite a few quality "Doorbell" mashups out by the time I did mine, but I feel like since I looped the Pump Up the Volume rhythm over the whole thing, mine is a bit more dancefloor friendly.

  Dean Gray

  Dean Gray
American Edit

Produced with the artist formerly known as Team9 and now known as The Found Sound Orchestra.

Read more about it here. Or, um, ahem.

Novocaine Rhapsody (Green Day vs. Queen vs. U2):



Coldplay vs. Kraftwerk
"Computer Talk"

4.6MB 160kbps mp3

If this pointless combo got one person to buy Kraftwerk's Computer World, it was worth it.

  Nine Inch Nails / Queens of the Stone Age
"Insane, Medicated Hand"

6MB 192kpbs mp3

Two QOTSA album tracks ("Medication," "Everybody Knows That You Are Insane") in unholy union with Trent's ubiquitous vocal from "The Hand that Feeds," this in tribute to a tour the two bands did together. As far as I know they never cuddled tenderly as pictured on the cover, but my photoshop fantasies are almost as satisfying.

  Gorillaz vs. Cake
"Never Feel Good"

6MB 192kpbs mp3

I've always received piles of suggestions for mashups, and despite appreciating every single e-mail I get, these suggestions are generally very annoying. First, people are usually just screwing around and have thought of a funny title, and generally have no regard for any potential musical mixing, and moreover the whole thing feels kind of disrespectful, I mean, I know mashups are silly but do you yell at your favorite bands to play "Freebird"? Oh, I guess you do. Anyway, this idea did indeed come from a LIVE 105 listener and intrigued me enough to try it. The sound quality is terrible to my ears, since there was no Cake acapella and I was forced to just, like, turn down the bass, but here it is, and people still ask about it.
  Party Ben

  Tegan & Sara vs. Mylo
"Walking with a Ghost in Paris"

11MB 320kbps mp3

One day I noticed that the Tegan & Sara track we were playing at LIVE 105 had the same chord pattern as Mylo's "Paris Four Hundred," so I put them together. Surprisingly, it turned into one of my biggest hits ever, getting airplay around the world and ending up in the Top 5 most-played tracks of 2006 on Seattle's C89.5. Tegan & Sara themselves came into the station a few times and were incredibly nice, but apparently they disagreed about whether they really liked my little rework, so despite its success, the possibility of an official release never got off the ground. Their label did, however, from what I understand, offer promo copies to dance and Top 40 stations, encouraged by the success at C89.5. Of course, T&S have gone on to work with tons of dance producers since then, so I feel maybe like I played some part in that. Who knows.



Clash vs. Killers
"Somebody Rock Me"
6.7MB 192kbps mp3

Adamski vs. Killers
"Somebody Kill Me"
7MB 192kpbs mp3


  Led Zeppellin vs. Snoop Dogg
"Drop It Like It's a Whole Lotta Love"

3MB 128kbps mp3

This is the first version from 2004. Honestly, this was a pretty cynical move, making this, since I hadn't done any rock-vs-rap things and that whole mashup style was getting a lot of attention at the time. I think my disinterest shows in the sloppy production, but after it got lots of attention, I forced myself to revisit it in 2008 and that newer version (above) is tolerable.
  Chic vs. Franz Ferdinand vs. Beastie Boys
"Chic Franzie Boys"

7MB 192kbps mp3

Once upon a Sixx Mixx, in June, 2004, I threw together Franz Ferdinand's "Take Me Out" and the Beasties' "Triple Trouble." "Funny," I thought, "they're like in the same key and stuff." About a month later, genius bootlegger and Friend of Bootie (TM) McSleazy announced his latest mashup item: Franzie Boys! Now, of course Mr. Sleazy came up with the idea on his own, but it was kind of funny, so later when I did my own Beastie mix with Chic, I snuck Franz Ferdinand in there and gave it a name that was a nod to his original version (and stole his cover). Love ya Sleazy!

  U2 WOW

  U2 vs. Way Out West
"Vertigo" (Breaks Mix)

7MB 192 kbps mp3

Another one of those "Don't Own a Drum Machine Or Have the Individual Tracks from This Song But Would Really Like To Do A Remix So I'll Just Steal This Instrumental Dance Track from Way Out West and Put A Lot of Echo On the Original and Call It Good Or At Least Mediocre" things I do.
Got two airings on BBC Radio 1's Essential Selection!!

  Blur vs. Kasabian
"There's No Other LSF"

5MB 128kbps mp3

That's Blur vs. Kasabian mind you.


Green Day vs. Oasis vs. Travis vs. Aerosmith vs. Eminem
"Boulevard of Broken Songs" (2004 original)
6M 192kbps mp3

This is the original version as culled from the Sixx Mixx which aired on LIVE 105 on October 1, 2004. The remastered higher bit-rate versions are at the top of the page.

Green Day "Boulevard of Broken Dreams," Oasis "Wonderwall," Travis "Writing to Reach You" (From 1999's The Man Who), and Eminem's "Sing (For the Moment)" which samples Aerosmith's "Dream On", the song I originally intended to include but which was not on iTunes or in the studio at the time, and my show was about to go on the air, so I had to make do.



  Party Ben

  Eminem vs. Stereo MCs vs Eagles
"Just Lose My Mind (One of These Nights)"

  Party Ben

  Incudoubt (Plus Devo!!!)


  Faithless vs. George W. Bush
"Mass Destruction"

I made quite a few versions of this for the LIVE 105 Sixx Mixx leading up to the 2004 elections (dark days, those were), using various speeches by President Bush and even a little Cheney sometimes. They're all pretty dated now but at the time, it felt like we were doing something pretty cool -- typically, commercial music stations avoid political commentary of any kind, which this most definitely is.
  Party Ben   U2 vs. Lyrics Born
"Callin' on Sunday" 2005 BFD Remix

5MB 192kbps mp3

The phenomenal East Bay hip-hop genius and all-around nice guy gets the Party Ben (mis) treatment with "Sunday Bloody Sunday" -- yes, I already did one with U2 and Janet but you can ignore that one because this one's way more better.



  Party Ben

  Laid Back vs. Khia vs. !!!
"Get Laid with Khia," or maybe "Ride 'em, Giuliani!" or, um, "Me and Khia on a Horse."

7MB 192kbps mp3

This is still kind of retarded but at least has three great tunes in it.

  Party Ben


Fugazi vs. Destiny's Child
"Independent Room"

4MB 128kbps mp3

I don't understand why there aren't more "Waiting Room" boots - the damn thing's got like 2 full minutes of instrumental sections, it's exactly at hip-hop speed, and it's a freakin' classic. Apparently got the approval of Fugazi's Ian MacKaye according to a Washington Post reporter.

  Party Ben

  Beastie Boys vs. Afrika Bambaata & Soulsonic Force
"Ch-Check Out the Rock"

Not quite as frenetic and hyper as the "Old Skool Mix" (see below), this is a little more dancefloor-friendly.
  Party Ben   Linkin Park vs. Luke Chable
"Somewhere in Melburn" (Party Ben Didn't Do Much Mix)

Aaron Axelsen of LIVE 105's Saturday night electronic music show Subsonic played the Luke Chable song at like 3 in the morning, and I was like, "What is that sample from? Hmmm..." Three days later I figured it out: Linkin Freakin' Park. So I thought, why not add some more, to make it more obvious for the kids? Party Ben: always thinkin' about the kids.

  Party Ben

  Yeah Yeah Yeahs vs. Andrea Doria
"Bucci Maps"

More of a blueprint for somebody with actual talent and maybe a drum machine to make a good mix of "Maps."
  Party Ben  

Daft Punk vs. Queen
Another One Bites Da Funk

6MB 160kbps mp3

Everybody says Freddie Mercury sounds all chipmunky in this, but what am I supposed to do, slow down the Daft Punk? I think not.


  Beastie Boys vs. All Sorts of Vintage Techno
"Ch-Check It Out" (Old Skool Mix)
10MB 256KBPS MP3 (Remaster)

A mix of the Beastie Boys with multiple classic house/techno tracks including Fast Eddie "Yo Yo Get Funky," Royal House (Todd Terry) "Can You Party," Inner City "Good Life," 808 State "Cubik," LA Style "James Brown is Dead."

  Rapture vs. Tiga
"Hot Lovers"


  U2 vs. Janet Jackson
"Control, Bloody Control"
4MB 128kbps mp3

My first attempt to put something with U2's "Sunday Bloody Sunday;" this was fine, and inspired a phenomenal lip-synch performance from Patty O'Furniture and Tristan Shout & co, but I sort of abandoned this idea when I realized Lyrics Born sounded good with U2.




"Keep Dean Alive" (Featuring Howard Dean)
"Keep Hung Alive" (featuing William Hung)
"Keep Janet Alive" (featuring Janet Jackson)
"Keep Stern Alive" (featuring Howard Stern and more)

A running joke back in 2004. A mix I made that replaced the Jesse Jackson speech in the Crystal Method's "Keep Hope Alive" with Howard Dean's raspy victory holler that more or less sunk his campaign became a "viral" hit on LIVE 105 and even inspired a visit from KTVU Fox 2's Brian Banmiller, who tried to interview me, but I was so nervous having a camera stuck in my face they couldn't use much of my mumblings.

Anyway, it turned out that once I'd edited together an instrumental of "Keep Hope Alive," you could just sort of put any speech over the top of it and it would sound dramatic. So I kept doing it, for the funny, whenever an amusing new bit of spoken word audio would hit the news. The version I made using Howard Stern's voice (during his controversial final year on terrestrial radio) got a spin on the actual Howard Stern Show after WXRK electronic show host Liquid Todd gave it to them, but Howard sort of (willfully?) misunderstood the situation, demanding to know how much money the Crystal Method was making from selling a song that used his voice. I of course have continued to be a gigantic Stern fan and was just giddy to have my song played (briefly), although they never said my name or anything.


  Hot Hot Bowie
"Let's Dance With Me"


  Beyonce vs. Alphaville
"Crazy In Japan"
Remastered for 2011: 9MB 320kbps mp3


  New Donna
"Bizarre Light Triangle"
5.7MB 160kbps mp3

New Order "Bizarre Love Triangle" vs. Madonna "Ray of Light," made specially for Bootie 1/14/04.

"Show Me How To Leave"

Audioslave "Show Me How To Live" vs. Lumidee "Never Leave"

  Coldplay vs. Punx
"God Put A Smile Upon My Face" (Ben X Parties On Your Face Mix)

7MB 192kbps mp3

Produced this especially for an episode of LIVE 105's electronic show Subsonic, but couldn't think of a name for it. So we opened the phone lines to take suggestions, and this was the best one.
  Party Ben   Outkast vs. Party Ben
"Ben Ya"
10MB 192kps mp3

Inspired by Adam Freeland's brilliant dub-style reworking of Nirvana, "Smells Like Freeland," this is a complete complete de- and re-construction of "Hey Ya." Similarly to Freeland's mix, this uses nothing but sounds from the original song, although often altered significantly. My biggest innovation here is probably turning the chorus into straight 4/4 time at the end (i.e. removing the quick 2/4 measure that gives the original some quirky charm). It all turns out to have a kind of retro-jump-up-jungle kind of feel. In general one of my favorite things I've ever made, just because it felt like a real accomplisment.

  Party Ben  

Eminem vs. Party Ben
"Without Me" (Nobody Listens To Techno Mix)
6M 192kbps mp3

Featuring beats from songs by One Up Front, Plump DJs and Moby, made in 2001. This turned into a crazy phenomenon when it was put into regular rotation on LIVE 105, and was my first taste of local "viral" fame. Of course, this was before I even had a web site, and I spent hours burning CDs of the track and mailing them to fans who e-mailed me at the station, and later, spent lots of money on pressing promo 12" singles so I could actually play it out -- this was before CDJs were standard for DJ booths. Made an attempt to post it to the famous bootleg forum GYBO where it was savaged without mercy, but it's hard to overstate how popular this was in the Bay Area at the time.

  Party Ben


Jurassic 5 vs. Party Ben
"What's Tricky"

Featuring High Contrast & Run DMC
  Party Ben


The Roots
"The Seed 3.0" (Party Ben remix)
4MB 160kbps mp3

Featuring the beats from Lee Coombs' remix of New Order's "Crystal," and some other stuff I can't remember.
  Party Ben

"Smells Like Emerge"

Too my credit (?), I remarked on the similarities between the Spooner and Nirvana before Adam Freeland told me he was trying to mash these two up when he made "Smells Like Freeland." Anyway, mine turned out pretty badly.
  Party Ben   Fatboy Slim vs. Rolling Stones & stuff
"Satisfaction Skank" (Party Ben's mashup, not Fatboy Slim's)

5MB 192kbps mp3

So here's the story. The year is 1999. I read in NME about Fatboy Slim playing a special version of "Rockafella Skank" in his DJ sets that was mixed with the Rolling Stones; he was calling it "Satisfaction Skank." "Cool," I thought, "but I'll probably never get a copy of that." (This was before the internet, folks!) We had prototype digital audio editing software at the radio station, so I decided to use it to try and make my own "Satisfaction Skank," having never even heard Fatboy Slim's. The station ended up putting my version into rotation, and popscene emprisario Aaron Axelsen played the hell out of it.

Of course, I wasn't clear about the genesis of my mix when I first posted it on this website, years ago, and some overzealous mashup types accused me of "stealing" it. This does happen all the time with amateur productions like ours, I mean, I see people taking credit for my stuff all over the place. But of course, that wasn't the case here. What's amusing is that when I finally heard Fatboy's own mix, years later, I didn't really like it -- his was slowed down to fit with the Stones, which I thought was awkward.

Incidentally, the editing software was called "Session 8" and it lived on on an old PC at LIVE 105 -- it was called "Session 8" because it featured 8 audio tracks to play with. It turned out to be the only computer I know of that was an actual casualty of the "Y2K" issue, for real, the LIVE 105 engineers said it was a piece of junk and couldn't be salvaged, and with no compatible software available to which I could transfer the tracks and session, all the original files were all lost on Dec. 31st, 1999.

  Party Ben

  The Hives vs. The Prodigy
"Hate To Smack My Bitch Up" (Party Ben poorly executed mashup)

From a suggestion by Aaron Axelsen, Popscene DJ and LIVE 105 guy. Went through a couple revisions and never quite came together although the kids at Popscene were known to shout "Smack my bitch up" during The Hives since Aaron played it all the time.
  Party Ben   Beck
"Lonesome" (Party Ben remix)
5MB 256kbps mp3

So the year is 1998, and I'm a part time production assistant at LIVE 105. At the time, all LIVE 105 production was, of course, still done on reel-to-reel tape, but the station had this "Session 8" digital editing software on a crap PC in the side studio (see "Satisfaction Skank" description above for more on that), and it occurs to me that maybe learning about it would be a good idea, since this digital stuff may be the future. (Of course my prescience didn't extend to, like, buying Google stock or anything). Anyway I decided to teach myself to use it by making a remix of a Beck song I really liked. That would be "Lonesome," from One Foot in the Grave. The original song is in 3/4 time, and my "innovation" was to set it to a 4/4 hip-hop beat (courtesy of DJ Shadow), rudimentarily "stretching" certain notes in the Beck song (by copying tiny sections manually) to make up the extra beat in each measure. It was my very first attempt at digital manipulation of music.