Party Ben



"One of the most prolific and influential artists in the mashup scene"
- LA City Beat

"Magically Delicious"

- LA City Beat

"The master of the mash-up"
- UK Observer / Guardian Music Monthly

"SF's bastard pop breakout boy"
- San Francisco Bay Guardian

"One of the mashup universe's most accomplished practicioners"
- Tornoto Star

- Sasha Frere-Jones

"One of the freshest things going... Party Ben might be America's most agile mash-up pusher."








































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"Party Ben's combination of Snow Patrol and the Police is almost worth the cost of the film," from review of "Just Go With It"
- Lost In Reviews, February, 2011

"...that odd mashup of Snow Patrol and the Police", from article about "Just Go With It"
- Vanity Fair, February 2011

Feature on "Single Ladies in Mayberry"
- WGN-TV Morning News, January 2010

"10 High Notes From Bay Area Decade in Music" lists Party Ben at #9
- San Francisco Chronicle, January, 2010

"Single Ladies In Mayberry" is "more notable than entertaining"
- Prefix magazine, January, 2010

"Learn from the Mashup Masters" mentions Party Ben
- Maximum PC, February 2009

"Clip du Jour" is Single Ladies in Mayberry
- Entertainment Weekly PopWatch, January, 2009

Single Ladies in Mayberry called "gloriously stupid"
- Boing Boing, January 2009

Anti-Hit List Includes Single Ladies in Mayberry
- Toronto Star, November, 2008

Top 4: Modern Media Gems that suggests Googling "Party Ben"
- Sacramento Bee, February 29, 2008

Review of English Beat show that mentions "Tender Umbrella"
- University of Maryland Diamondback, February 29, 2008

Interview with Dave Wakeling that discusses "Tender Umbrella"
- Lazy Lima Bean Film Magazine, February, 2008

Mashup 2007, The Best Hybrids Last Year
(in Italian)
- La Stampa, February 1, 2008

Top 5 that includes "Tender Umbrella"
- Detroit News (article now in paid archive), November, 2007

Anti-Hit List that includes "Dreaming of Boyz"
- Toronto Star, October 6, 2007

qDigital: Ten Best Clips of the Month, including "Every Car You Chase"
- Q Magazine, September 2007

2007 Best of the Bay: Bootie wins Best Club in the Reader's Poll
- San Francisco Bay Guardian, July, 2007

Anti-Hit List includes "Tender Umbrella" at #8
- Toronto Star, July 21, 2007

Nathan Rick O'Shea talks about "Every Car You Chase" with Nathan Connolly from Snow Patrol
- RTE 2fm, Ireland, July 4, 2007

2007 Best of San Francisco: Bootie wins Best Club in the A&E Readers' Poll
- SF Weekly, July, 2007

Anti-Hit List
includes "Every Car You Chase" at #8
- Toronto Star, May 24, 2007

Anti-Hit List includes "Callin' Up the Pieces" at #3
- Toronto Star, May 19, 2007

Mashups may be so 2001...

- Irish Times, May 1, 2007

Article about Girl Talk
mentions Party Ben as a "jack of the mashup expose"
- Johns Hopkins Newsletter, April 12, 2007

"Mash-ing it up on the radio," interview with me in my hometown paper
- Gothenburg Times, December 30, 2006

The Year's Best Mash-Ups
mentions American Edit
- Toronto Star, December 23, 2006

"Mash-Up Man," interview
- LA City Beat, November 23, 2006

Schaden, Welche Schaden?
(in German)
- Gullil, November 13, 2006

"YouTubers Cut and Paste at Their Peril,"
article mentions American Edit
- Sydney Morning Herald, October 23, 2006

2006 Best of the Bay - Bootie wins "Best Club" in the readers' poll
- San Francisco Bay Guardian, July, 2006

America's 101 Wildest Parties - Bootie gets a mention
- Spin Magazine, June 2006

"Bank On It," mentions American Edit
- Esquire, April, 2006

Recommended section
mentions American Edit
- Spin Magazine, March, 2006

Feature article on Earworm talks to me too
- San Francisco Bay Guardian, March, 2006

"25 Essential Music Websites" puts at #13 (click here for scan)
- UK Observer Music Monthly, March 19, 2006

Interview with UK Guardian Director of Digital Publishing Simon Waldman mentions me
-, February 27, 2006

American Edit
- Dayton Daily News, February 17, 2006

American Edit Review (see print version here)
- San Francisco Chronicle, January 16, 2006

Music, Mixed & Mashed
- Atlantic City Press, January 7, 2006

Top Ten of 2005 mentions American Edit at #8 (subscription required)
- Toronto Star, December 2005

Web Column lists the Sixx Mixx as "Best Download"
- Uptown Magazine, Winnipeg, December 2005

"Green Day Target Remix Team"

- Ireland Online, Dec 23, 2005

Who's Gayer?
- Jossip, December 21, 2005

"Legal Action to Stop Green Day Remix"
- NME, December 21, 2005

Article about American Edit
rife with misquotes from me that make me seem like a total moron
-, December 20, 2005

"Mash-up Bash is a Star Online," article about American Edit (subscription required)
- Globe and Mail, December 15, 2005

"Bloggers Unite Behind Green Day Mash-up,"
article about American Edit
-, December 13, 2005

Dean Grey Tuesday: Save American Edit mashup album

-, December 13, 2005

RIAA Clamps Down on Mash-ups, discusses American Edit
-, December 12, 2005

"Warners Censor Mash-Up Album, Fight Back!"
-, November 29, 2005

American Edit Review
- PopMatters, November 18, 2005

Great Online Sources for Finding New Music
- ABC News, November 18, 2005

Create Your Own Mashups with Free Software
- St. Paul Pioneer Press, November 16, 2005

Mash-Up Article, now offline
- South Bend Tribune, Fort Wayne News Sentinel, Wichita Eagle, Bradenton Herald, October, 2005

Unlikely Mixes are Big in Clubs
- San Jose Mercury News, October 5, 2005

Interview with Tegan & Sara
discusses "Walking With a Ghost In Paris"
- DB Magazine, September 2005

Top 11 Mashups includes "Somebody Rock Me"
- Pocket DJ, Sarah "Ultragrrrl" Lewitinn, published September 2005

Artist of the Day
-, September 2, 2005

Review of Best Mashups in the World Ever Are From San Francisco mentions "Boulevard"
- Remix Magazine, June 2005

Podcasting article mentions Boulevard
- Spin Magazine, June 2005

Chron"A DJ's 'mash-up' of sound-alike tunes by the likes of Green Day is getting mad airplay -- and no one's sued yet"
- San Francisco Chronicle, May 3, 2005

Music review
- Seattle Stranger, April, 2005

Review: Best Mashups In The World Ever are from San Francisco
- PopMatters, April 11, 2005

"What's In Your CD Player?"
- Rockford Register Star, March 20, 2005

Barometer of Cool, interviewee mentions "Boulevard"
- Honolulu Star-Bulletin, March 19, 2005

On the Download, about "Led Snooppelin"
- Dallas Morning News, March 1, 2005

DJs' Combinations Put Different Spin on Popular Songs
- Atlanta Journal Constitution, February 21, 2005

To-Do List mentions "Boulevard"
- Sacramento Bee, February 15, 2005

Interview (mp3 link) which I conducted with a producer and was then edited together with Mr. Dees to make him sound funnier
- Rick Dees' "Weekly Top 40," February 14, 2005

2004 Canadian Music Critics Poll puts "Boulevard" at #2 on "download chart"
- Eye Weekly, February 2005

Mashup Article mentions me
- LA Times & AZ Central, February 2005

Party Ben, Mash-Up Man

-, February 3, 2005

A Little Bit of This, A Little Bit of That
- Boston Globe, January 25, 2005

Interview with Billie Joe Armstrong discusses "Boulevard" (mp3 link)
- MTV News Radio Feed, January 20, 2005

Radio Waves: Mash Notes
- San Francisco Chronicle, December 26, 2004

This Isn't Your Father's Remix
- Radio & Records, July 16, 2004

Mashing Success (page 1, page 2)
- Oakland Tribune, May 20, 2004

Interview for piece about Howard Dean Scream internet mashups
- KTVU Fox 2 6:00 News, January 30, 2004